Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in the glass box

After spending a frustrating 30 minutes waiting for David by myself, and a cathartic 30 waiting with Charlie, I finally left his porch for Barrique's, ready to prepare the best essay any non-English major has ever written for the non-English-major Shakespeare final I've got tomorrow. As I left the porch, though, the striking beauty of the night, well struck me:
I was about to spend this night stuck in cafes and libraries?!? Goddamn, what kind of life have I sig--
But mid-thought, in a jogging outfit that would either make Nik cringe for its hideousness or adore for its rediculocity, says to me:
What BEAUTIFUL weather, right?!?
So long as I know that someone is enjoying it, I think that'll get me though.

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